The Loveuntil Foundation

seeks "To enhance the quality of life and empower the people of the community in order to achieve their objectives physically, spirtually and emotionally.".

It is our belief here that we should spread love to the area of Laventille. It is our belief that love is reciprocal, meaning that when you give love, you can receive love in return.

Our watch words are "Reaching the community, everyday" and it is in this light here we seek to reach members of the community and Laventille and the world, everyday!


We believe that by equipping the persons in Laventille with the skills necessary to carve out a successful and prosperous life for themselves and their family they WILL change. Discover more about our work. Take a look inside!

Love cannot breed hatred, and by spreading love we can make a difference.The area in which we work, Laventille needs love to stem this bloodshed that we are seeing. This is our vision that we share with all today.

Find out how you can help today.